Do you know?

Milk is the primary consumable product all over the world, Food chain Market Milk is Important Product. From childrens to old peoples Milk becomes primary source of protein habit and traditionally all indian homes adopt morning routine with milk poured coffee or tea.., believes to be important energy builder.

How to Earn income with Milk & Milk Product’s?

From the production of Milk to Market of Milk product all parts contribute to the good income source,. All European Countries where involved in Milk production now invested in Own Milk Vending Machine setup in Farmlands or Self owned shops in generating incomes.

How to Start Business – Milk vending Machine Business in India?

Milk is huge profit making in India after Covid -19 indian domestic chain faces supply shortage of essential products delivery on time. Setting up your own Milk ATM Machine Just below 3.5 lakhs one time cost includes full featured product and Quality one. Will give monthly Average income of 60,000 INR to 80,000 INR jus for selling 100 litres of milk in a normal day and festival day sales through the month with nominal cost for maintenance cost for electricity and rent for the shop in a month. One Can easily become gross salaried person equals government employment e.g.

What are all the things required?

Raw milk lovers trust the stuff that comes straight from the cow

Milk Vending Machine – With Quality and all operation to Support 24 Hours service with Chiller Facility and Food Grade  maintained machines.  Since we Manufacture Milk Vending Machines and Milk Atm Machines and Mobile Atm  Machines for you as you c an Easily buy Machines from us by visiting  We serve all across the india and abroad aswell.

Sourcing Milk – All rural areas and towns have this facility of sourcing milk at low price in bulk qty from fresh milk farm house vendors and individual farm maintaining services available in your area.

In India Sourcing Milk is very easy and available all villages and urban area’s.

Purchase from a reputed milk selling company at reasonable price and Make your Selling Point under Familiar Milk seller’s name.

Branding store is very important for selling the products quickly and easily.

Sell Co -associated Products

Milk related products like butter, Ghee and Yogurt can do best point of earning and make you more profitable.
Be organic – this term attract huge no.of. customer to your business because, currently world need this more and more organic foods.

IF you Have More QUERIES REGARIDNG BRANDING AND BUSINESS GUIDELINESS and Other Doubts regarding business set up ?

Please feel Free to contact us and we will help you with the best products and income generation methods which suits your investment and Future….

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